• New Model MFD - 1000Multi Function Dredge
  • New Model MFD - 1000One Truck Transportable
  • New Model MFD - 1000No Crane Required to Unload
  • New Model MFD - 1000Launching
  • New Mud Cat Facilityin New Richmond

Model MFD-1000           River & Canal Dredging • Removing Vegetation • Shoreline Restoration • Flood Control

One Truck Transportable

Easy to Mobilize and Self Propelled

Multiple Interchangable Tools Available

Works in Shallow Water

Amphibious Operation

Mud Cat Traxx Dredge        Stream & Shoreline Improvement • Canal & Retention Pond Dredging • Weed Removal

Tracked Amphibious Dredge

Easy to Load and Unload

Multiple Quick Change Tools

Easy to Operate

Mud Cat Dredge Models  
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Model MFD-1000
Model MC-727 Model MC 730 Prop Model MC-737 Model SP-2010 Model MC-745

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